Binary options trading

Benefits of Trading Binary Options

Even if you don’t have any previous trading experience or financial background, binary options trading is easy and uncomplicated. Traders learn how to open trades quickly and tightly control their risk.

Simple and Easy to Trade

What makes binary options trading so enticing is its simplicity.

You just choose an asset and then predict a direction.

As long as the asset acts according to your assumption, your trade is “in the money”, regardless of the actual amount of change in the market price!

High Returns at High Speed

If high returns at high speeds are an interest to you, trading binary options offers you the unique ability to trade on assets that can provide high returns, in a matter of minutes!

Predefined Prices

You manage your risk control by knowing in advance the pre-set reward and risk for every trade.

Trade Anywhere

KeyOption binary options trading requires no installation, so you can set up your trading quickly and easily and begin trading online everywhere within seconds by your mobile, laptop, or desktop.

Trade Anytime

KeyOption gives you the chance to trade 24/7, which enables you to trade according to your preferred time. This also means you can trade and gain profit from price movements no matter if the market is going up or down. Unlike other solutions, KeyOption’s unique OneTouch feature even lets you make trades when the markets are closed.

Fixed Rates and Preset Payouts

Binary options mean you know your potential profits in advance, based on predetermined payouts and fixed rates, and the chance for losing any more than your initial trade amount extremely decreases.

Risk Management Made Simply

While there is risk in any type of investment, KeyOption offers you better control, by letting you determine the percentage risk to reward ratio for any trade. Our system lets you adjust your risk so it would fit your particular binary trading strategy.

Expiry Ranges to Suit Your Needs

Whether you need the thrill of 60-second binary option expirations, or prefer a longer term investment, KeyOption lets you choose the expiry time that suits you. Pick from a range of expirations including 60-second, 15 minute, hourly, daily, month-end, and even year-end expiries.


Binary Options For Beginners

Binary Options For Beginners

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