• USD/ZAR 12.33794 (13:00 28.12)|
  • EUR/USD 1.19295 (11:30 28.12)|
  • AUD/USD 0.77668 (23:00 27.12)|
  • GBP/USD 1.33913 (20:00 27.12)|
  • EUR/USD 1.18536 (18:20 22.12)|
  • EUR/USD 1.18527 (18:10 22.12)|
  • EUR/JPY 134.247 (18:10 22.12)|
  • SILVER 16.400 (17:10 22.12)|
  • EUR/USD 1.18666 (07:30 21.12)|
  • USD/ZAR 12.73410 (07:30 21.12)|
  • USD/ZAR 12.77717 (09:00 19.12)|
  • EUR/USD 1.18115 (08:30 19.12)|
  • EUR/USD 1.18059 (08:00 19.12)|
  • USD/ZAR 12.81015 (08:00 19.12)|
  • SILVER 16.071 (20:00 15.12)|
  • EUR/GBP 0.88509 (17:10 15.12)|
  • EUR/USD 1.17886 (08:30 15.12)|
  • USD/ZAR 13.47919 (08:30 15.12)|
  • EUR/USD 1.18259 (23:00 13.12)|
  • EUR/USD 1.17483 (10:30 13.12)|
  • GBP/USD 1.33401 (11:30 12.12)|
  • NZD/USD 0.69421 (09:00 12.12)|
  • EUR/GBP 0.88328 (17:30 11.12)|
  • GBP/USD 1.33559 (15:00 11.12)|
  • USD/CHF 0.99003 (13:00 11.12)|
  • EUR/USD 1.17629 (17:10 08.12)|
  • EUR/USD 1.17756 (23:00 07.12)|
  • EUR/USD 1.18475 (13:00 05.12)|
  • USD/JPY 112.638 (13:00 05.12)|
  • EUR/USD 1.18547 (12:45 05.12)|

Introduction to Binary Options

Binary Options Overview

Binary options, also called Digital or Fixed Rate Options, is one of the fastest growing fields of the online trading industry. Binary trading is based on the prediction that the price of a certain asset will go up or down in a given time frame.

Binary options can be distinguished from other types of options in the fact they generally require the trader to place an all-or-nothing trade, so the trade can result in only two outcomes. All the trader has to do is to predict the right direction (within an allocated timeframe) to win the predetermined payout. This assures that the trader earns or loses the amount set in advance, when they initiated the trade.

How is this different from traditional options trading?
In traditional options trading, every decline or rise can have a huge influence over the trade, so there is no way for the trader to control how much they will earn or loose.

Another great advantage of binary options is the wide index of trading products, providing the trader with the opportunity to trade in accordance with a range of strategies or market trends, profiting on their individual trading styles and preferences. The trader can adjust their trading to match their proficiency level, favored asset type, or preferred time-frame and select more conservative or speculative trades to fit their requirements.

A Wide Selection of Assets to Choose From

KeyOption offers traders a verity of up to 180 different assets including stocks, global indices, commodities and currency pairs. KeyOption traders can open several trades at once, and can focus their trade on a single binary product or several products. At KeyOption, choice is key element in our offering.

Easy as 1-2-3

A significant key element in KeyOption’s platform design is to allow a simple, accessible binary options trading solution. After picking an asset, the trader just decides whether they believe the market price will go up or down in value during a specific time frame. If the trader thinks the price will go up, they choose CALL; or if they believe it will go down, they choose PUT.

If the trader’s prediction turns out right, their trade is considered “in the money” by the trade’s expiry time (and “out of the money” if their prediction was incorrect).

The entire trading process is an easy, three-step process:
1. Pick an asset to trade (any stock, currency, commodity or index)
2. Choose the asset’s direction – CALL (for up) or PUT (for down)
3. Define an investment amount

Enjoying the Rush of Binary Options Trading

In KeyOption we know that fast trading for high potential payouts is one of the most thrilling ways to trade the online market today. Binary options trading is fast-paced and provides traders with the opportunity to profit on winning trades right away! We’ve designed our registration and setup process to be quick and simple and you’ll never need to download anything to begin trading.
We’ve also tailored our expiry times to fit both short-term and long term trading preferences. Choose from 60-seconds, 15 minute, hourly or daily for the rush of a faster return or follow a more conservative strategy based on long term expirations of weekly, monthly, and end-of-year expirations.

Building a Binary Options Strategy

As traders gain experience, they make trading choices (including picking certain assets or market directions) based on announcements, market analysis and even current news events. Traders who follow the markets permanently will know when to look forward an important economic report, monitor expected interest rates hikes, or even trade on their favorite brand based on an anticipated new product.


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